Outage & Turnaround Services

Whether it’s a single piece of equipment needing overhauled or a plant-wide outage, C&H Industrial Services has the expertise, manpower, and equipment to execute a safe and efficient turnaround. Our team works closely with plant engineers, area managers, and environmental health and safety to ensure that our client outages are ran seamlessly with maximum efficiency, keeping safety at the forefront. This is done by five simple, but imperative steps:


C&H Industrial Services works diligently with all our clients to establish a comprehensive plan for each outage to guide our team, as well as keep them on schedule and budget. Creating a clear scope of work and time frame gives guidance for each job allowing projects to be properly ran without delays or costly down time.  All projects, job scopes, and time frames are approved by our clients before a project begins.


After each project job scope and time frame is established, our team works diligently to allot the proper equipment and personnel to each job. Each job scope is unique. Therefore, we bring in each of our team leaders and assess the full job scope and time frame prior to each project beginning.  This allows our entire team to be aware of obstacles they might encounter over the course of the project and helps them understand the cost, scope and timeframe of the project.


Successful project management and having a comprehensive plan are key when it comes to executing a project.   Properly allocating resources and keeping team members focused on their assigned tasks is a critical part of effective execution.  Since each project manager and team leader is a part of the planning phase this allows the project to stay on schedule and budget.

Project Monitoring and Controls:

As our teams implement the project plan, we must continuously evaluate our progress.  This allows our team to relay real time job progression and budgetary numbers to our clients that demonstrates where we are on the project.  This information helps keep each project on track and on budget for the duration of the outage.

Post-Project Debriefing:

C&H Industrial Services conducts a post project debriefing with all our clients in order to obtain crucial information that allows our team to document project mistakes and successes.  This allows our team to understand what we need to work on moving forward on projects and what we need to capitalize on with future projects.  Our philosophy is that of building relationships with our clients and being a team unit.  This mentality helps our clients and our team to be successful on future projects.