Sewer Jetter Services / Line Cleaning

Sewer jetting is the process of cleaning out sewer and drain lines by utilizing high pressure water to clear obstructions.  This is also a great process to use for preventative maintenance to mitigate sewage backups. C&H Industrial Services provides sewer jetting services to residential and larger municipalities to keep storm drains and sewer lines in optimal condition.  Utilizing the proper pressure and flow helps prevent damage and alleviates further deterioration of the sewer system.  This is why we have chosen to operate our units at 2,000 PSI and a maximum flow rating at 65 GPM.  We are capable of effectively cleaning out sewer lines ranging from 8” – 60”.  Typical types of material that can block or damage sewer lines; fats, oils, grease, mud, sludge, dirt and tree roots can all be effectively cleaned and cleared from sewer lines utilizing a sewer jetting machine.