Vacuum Truck Services

C&H Industrial Services offers high-quality industrial vacuuming services to meet our clients industrial service needs. We provide tailored solutions to meet the most stringent of jobs. Our team members have been highly trained in equipment operations allowing them to maximize the efficiency of the equipment. This in turn allows our team to complete task in a timely manner and minimize plant downtime.

Air Movers

Air Movers are highly powerful and efficient industrial systems that are designed to clean up a wide range of material.  These materials range from thick sludge, slurries and liquids, to dry bulk powders and solids.  Industrial air movers effectively operate in remote areas and inaccessible locations more than 1,000 feet away depending on the material.  Our air movers are equipped with a 28” high vacuum Hibon blower, 5,300 CFM, and has an 18 cubic yard debris body.

Liquid Vacuum Trucks

Liquid Vacuum Trucks are used to collect and transport liquid and sludge waste. Utilizing a rotary vane pump capable of 27” Hg vacuum, liquid and sludge are drawn into an onboard storage tank (70 bbl). Liquid vacuum trucks are rated for continuous maximum vacuum operation and 15 psi working pressure. These units have full opening back doors allowing for easy removal of waste material. They are also US DOT certified for hauling hazardous and non-hazardous materials on the highway.

Cyclone Trailer Units

Cyclone Trailer Units offer a more versatile cleaning approach. These units have the ability to automatically or manually discharge into any dump truck, dumpster, containers and even super sacks. Whether it be hazardous material or material your company wants to save to minimize material loss, utilization of a trailer mounted cyclone will help reduce cost and environmental impact.